How to Push Past a Workout Plateau

How to Push Past a Workout Plateau

When you commit yourself to a precise routine, you expect to see consistent results. Unfortunately, when you perform the same routine over and over, you’re more likely to experience a workout plateau. A workout plateau is when your exercise performance stops improving.

Not only are these plateaus discouraging, but they also stunt your fitness goals. If you have been experiencing workout burnout and need to know how to push past a workout plateau, continue reading.

Add New Exercises to Your Routine

The most common reason people experience workout plateaus is that they perform the same repetitive exercises when they work out. Although these exercises may have been highly beneficial and effective at one point, the body develops muscle memory after a while and will no longer find these workouts challenging. Since these activities are not challenging your body, your muscles will not improve.

Instead of repeating the same workout routine, add new exercises to give your body a new challenge. For example, if your weightlifting routine does not improve your back muscles, try taking up Pilates. Adding small increments of new exercises will force your body to work harder and push past plateaus.

Types of Exercises To Add to Your Routine

  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Hiking
  • Running

Add More Rest Days

Although exercise is highly beneficial for the body, rest is also essential. Many people make the mistake of undervaluing rest when they plan their fitness routines and goals. However, rest is a crucial way to speed up your muscle recovery.

When you work out, your muscles tear to grow in mass. For muscles to develop fully, they have to recover from these tears and heal to prepare for your next workout. When muscles don’t get enough rest, you’re likely to experience a plateau or an injury. So while it may feel productive to work out every day of the week, it’s more beneficial to include more rest days in your schedule.

Increase the Weight and Length of Your Workouts  

If you practice some of the same exercises in your workouts, it’s essential to add new challenges to these routines. The most effective way to add complicated twists to regular workouts is by increasing the length of your exercises and adding heavier weights to your routine.

For example, if you’re an avid runner, add a longer sprint into your daily run. Although your average routine won’t challenge your muscle memory, adding longer performance times and heavier weights will keep your body active and engaged.

Each of these changes will help push past a workout plateau. Once you move past these frustrating stop points in your exercise, you can continue challenging your body and seeing results from your hard work.