How Pilates Support Weight Loss?

The perfect combination of diet and exercise can significantly reduce your weight much faster than either one alone. However, if you are thinking on starting a weight loss program, you probably asking yourself what type of workout is the most ideal for you?

There are a variety of exercises that you can do to help you shed pounds. Both indoor and outdoor exercises are perfect physical activities that can support your diet plan. Such workouts include cardio exercises, yoga, dancing, sports, weight lifting and many others.

But there is one exercise that promises to make you longer, leaner and more physically functional – Pilates.

How does pilates support weight loss? Is it a plausible exercise to effectively drop pounds fast? This short but detailed article will give you facts on how pilates promote weight loss.

Pilates Overview

Pilates is a system of workouts using special apparatus, designed to elevate strength, flexibility, and posture, while enhancing your mental function and overall awareness.

In short, it involves mind-body exercises.

It consists mainly of low-impact flexibility and physical strength, including endurance movements. As mentioned above, it highly emphasizes correct postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

Pilates is created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates.

Will Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, like other forms of exercise, pilates can definitely trigger weight loss. But you have to commit yourself to follow weight loss program to the letter, more importantly including your diet plan.

Like most workouts, ignoring your calorie intake and fail to curb junky-eating habits will definitely going to reduce your chances of success.

While weight loss more often deals with hormones and family history, you can still win your battle against weight gain by just following simple principles concerning both your diet and exercise.

Proper diet plan involves counting your calorie intake and the calories you burn. So practically your workout program must compliment your diet. Otherwise, any exercises such as pilates, won’t be helpful at all.

Pilates is a perfect workout to burn fat and calories moderately. I say moderately because you can burn more lifting weights, doing high intensity interval training or a vigorous outdoor run.

But these exercises will completely drain you out, increasing your risk of fatigue and physical pain.

On the other hand, a 50-minute pilates can burn between 300 to 500 calories. If you increase your intensity, the more you lose weight.

Another reason why you should do pilates is its capacity to increase your metabolism.

You can easily tell if you have healthy metabolism if pilates already improve your overall body composition. Body fat reduction is equally distributed throughout the body, giving you your expected and ideal BMI.

And by changing your body composition, you naturally gain additional muscles and continue to decrease fat. This will just boost your metabolic rate more.

How pilates promote muscle gain? Well, this exercise offers several types of resistance training which helps you to achieve this.

One way is to use bodyweight training. Proper pilates require you to perform a series of bodyweight workouts known as Pilates mat, and by using some resistance equipment.

Proper diet and regular pilates workout will help boost your body’s overall weight loss capacity.

Other Physical Benefits of Pilates

Other Physical Benefits of Pilates involves improving your posture by making your muscles appear longer.

Muscle length can be optimized by proper exercise routine that targets specific muscle groups.

For example, pilates help strengthen abdominal and back muscles (transverse abdominis and the paraspinals). This helps you to stand up tall and straight without giving much stress on your back.

This strong postural muscle that you get from pilates also helps improve body composition, which helps your body to store less fat in your midsection. So in short, pilates can give you that flat stomach that you’ve long dreamed of.

Pilates workout will lift your abdominals in and up, draws back your shoulders and lengthen your neck. These will give you positive effects on your spine, waist, and chest, improving your overall body posture.

Pilates Exercises for You

As a beginner, you can start your journey by doing simple pilates exercises at home but working with a Pilates teacher is invaluable.

Mat Pilates moves are similar from conventional fitness. If you want to use Pilates machines (ie. the reformer) you will want to work with teacher one on one to get started or in a small group. 

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