How fitness trackers can improve your health and fitness

Recently, we launched an online class schedule with Wellness Living for all of our classes and private sessions. We suggest that you check out  the goal-setting session. It is a great place to start. 

We appreciate that sticking to a health and fitness schedule while at home could be difficult. 

Some readers have inquired about using fitness trackers and if they are effective. Rather than give a simple yes or no, we prepared this article. It will inform you about fitness trackers and how they can improve your health and fitness. 

What are fitness trackers, and how do they work?

By early 2020, more than 20 percent of Americans used fitness trackers. These are electronic gadgets that track your diet or exercise behaviors. They can help you to stick to a diet plan or fitness program. 

Fitness trackers prod you to work towards your goal, give you updates along the way and congratulate you when you get there. You may call it an electronic version of a health and fitness coach. 

Modern trackers are easily wearable (on the wrist or waist) and can connect to apps or sophisticated software. Traditional fitness trackers include items like pedometers and accelerometers. These devices would record movements and provide movement data, but that’s all they could do. 

Some studies affirm the effectiveness of fitness trackers in as far as improving health and fitness. Other studies seem to contradict the assertion. 

Which ones should you believe? Read on and learn what makes a fitness tracker effective and how it can improve your health and fitness. 

What makes a fitness tracker effective?

Fitness trackers can be effective or ineffective. It all boils down to the kind of person you are and how you prepared before getting started on that road to wellness. 

If you purchased a fitness tracker but did not have a strategy to achieve your goals, it will not be effective. It is the same as buying a bathroom scale without a plan on how to shed excess weight. 

Having a strategy is vital, and that’s part of what we cover in the goal-setting session. 

You could also buy a fitness tracker and have an elaborate strategy. But it still doesn’t work. That’s because gains in health and wellness often call for more than simply buying a gadget. It calls for behavior change. Our online class schedules will help you link up with a coach who can keep you accountable and keep you on the right path. 

Fitness trackers work best when you are motivated, committed, and accountable. Here are five ways they can improve your health and fitness. 

How fitness trackers can improve your health and fitness

You can set measurable goals.

Our goal-setting session usually covers everything you may think about when enrolling in a fitness program. However, you may want to skip it. Setting goals is a vital step on your journey to a healthier and more fit life. 

After you have set goals, you can calibrate the exercise you should do every day to attain the goal. If your objective is to lose fat and not weight, a fitness tracker can also help you determine the types of exercise. 

They remind you what to have on your plate. 

Modern fitness trackers can link with dieting and nutrition apps and help you learn about the nutrition in different foods. Trackers will also help you to figure out the ideal calorie intake. Smart fitness trackers will factor in your activity levels and suggest foods that will supply the ideal nutrition. 

A fitness tracker could help you consult a nutritionist less frequently. 

They can help you track healthy behavior.

Modern fitness trackers give you more than just raw data. They provide information about your journey. You will get charts and trends showing improvements and how much work you have put in. For many people, this is a big motivator. But that’s not all. They can also help you keep track of other hard-to-track health indicators like heart rate and healthy activities like how long you sit or how long you sleep. 

Information from a fitness tracker can motivate you significantly and boost your health and fitness journey. 

They help you to connect with like-minded people.

Smart fitness trackers can help you connect with like-minded people, and you can form a virtual community. Perhaps you have similar goals or the same health challenges. 

When you join a group of like-minded people, you are likely to become more accountable in your journey, boosting your health and fitness. 

Here’s the bottom line

Fitness trackers are incredible inventions. They can improve your health and fitness. But, just like paying the sign-up fee in a gym, they won’t work unless you are motivated, committed, and accountable. Don’t let yours collect dust in your drawer. Make it work for you.