How A Pilates Reformer Can Help Your Golf Game

If you found this post most likely you are ready to see you golf game improve. Did you know that Absolute Pilates has been bring quality pilates to central pa since 2009? We are ready to improve your golf game on the pilates equipment!

I think a pilates reformer is a more effective way of increasing flexibility, strength and stability for golf than traditional free weights, machines and static stretches. I have work with a professional golf coach and several golfers to come to this conclusion.

The reason you might not be familiar with a reformer is the stigma pilates endures as an easy women-only exercise. The other problem is exercises have names such as “mermaid” and “swan dive.” Men if you are worried whether the reformer can give you a quality workout take just one class!

Check out this blog post to get some ideas of what to try!