Gift Card Sale

For every $50 gift card purchased you get 1 week of unlimited floor class.  In November we add one week our scholarship fund. To have your extra weeks added to your account email 

See video and/or webpage for further instructions. 

Retail Sale the 2020 version

This sale is the most epic retail sale we have ever done. If you need more 2020 “work” pants this is your chance sizes xs to xl are one sale and a few tops. All leggings are worth $79 to $129 a pair so you could possibly buy one and 3 free at the highest cost per item. Brands include ALO, Spiritual Gangster, Beyond Yoga, Vimmia, NUX

  • 1 item $40
  • 2 items $75
  • 3 items, $100
  • 4 items $125

Black Friday Private Training Sale

Current Clients (limit 5 each)

* 10 has 10 week expiration, 15 has a 12 week expiration, 25 has a 14 week expiration. Lock in 2020 rates now with the option to convert to a monthly membership in 2021 to continue the savings. 

Small Business Saturday Sale

Flash Sale  on Unlimited Year Long Membership only 3 of each type of membership 

One class per day. No holds offered. Classes can be delivered in-person or online. Includes access to the on-demand class library and @home live classes.  

Cyber Monday Sale on
12 month Memberships

** Good for one class a day. Rates for Unlimited All Classes will be $237, Unlimited Floor Classes will be $132 a month in 2021 for those not on a 12-month contract. There will be a new 12 Apparatus classes a month option at $200. 1 hold per Unlimited Membership per year, one late cancel pass a month for those on a 12 month contract only.  No holds for those on classes per month classes carry over month to month as long as you are a member. 

If you have questions or concerns email If you have a membership and you want to change it please email