Here’s to 2018

Today is the day…That day when every year many individuals make resolutions for changes to make in the coming year. What will it be this year? Will the focus be Family? Diet? Fitness? Better Health? Career?

Whatever you choose, what are you willing to do to achieve your goals this year? Will you be able to remain focused on your motivating factor for that change to actually happen this year?

Everyone has good intentions with these resolutions…BUT a large percentage will fail because they simply cannot maintain their motivation. Why is that?

We believe that accountability and community are key to overcoming that. Research seems to indicate that at least 6 weeks is necessary to make a change to a habit. Thus if your goal is to improve your diet, exercise more, etc, you will have to work very hard for at minimum 6 weeks if you hope to make the change. Now that does not mean that after 6 weeks it will just be easy. On the contrary, you will still have to work at it, but a new habit is in the making if you truly want to achieve it.

Admittedly I am not one for making resolutions at the beginning of any year. It is just something I have never felt compelled to do. I certainly do have goals and work hard every day to achieve them. Whether you are a resolution person or not…here is to kick-starting 2018.

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