Hello 2021

2021 You could not have come soon enough!

At the end of a year, business leaders, spiritual gurus, and even therapists highly recommend reflecting and reviewing all that occurred within that year. For an individual it enables them to take a ‘bird-eye’s view’ and look at the whole picture, seeing the details of small accomplishments, overcoming obstacles, learned lessons, and hopefully some joyful moments. Taking time to review can remind us of otherwise forgotten triumphs and prepares us for realistic goal setting of New Year resolutions.

If we think back to a year ago in 2019, not only did many of us review the year, but we went further by reviewing the decade. There was an overall sense of excitement for the upcoming new decade. However, 2020, on a global scale has proven to be a year of great challenge, loss, grief and despair, along with surprising resilience, exponential growth, creativity, and for many, new paths to embark on.

It’s no secret that this year has brought with it huge learning opportunities and a huge learning curve. I’m compelled to reflect on what I’ve learned and 2020…YOU’VE TAUGHT ME A LOT (MORE THAN I ASKED FOR AND THEN SOME)…

Patience. (mmhm)
Patience. (that’s right)
And you’ve added a whole lot more to my sense of humor…(everyone thanks you 😉

Days away from 2021, I am, above all else, grateful. I’m grateful for all of you that stood behind the studio! January brings us a month with a focus around Absolute Pilates on getting organized. Being creative! Finding a balanced Life.

Getting Organized

You can increase your productivity. By keeping organized, you will save time looking for things and will have more time to work on important tasks and being productive. This is a big one that lots of people pick at a resolution year after year without any luck. There are lists all over the internet to tackle organization and/or clutter in your life or home.

I invested some time in a time management course in December. I am working on that! I am bucketing my tasks. Limiting time on email and trying to do somethings to make my time more productive.

Being Creative

I have so many creative or what feels creative projects that I have not finished in my house and to-do list. Here are a few things that everyone can do in to find some creative time in their day.

  3. LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR CAMERA (even if it is your cell phone)

Here is my big 3 and please no judgment!

  1. I have Alivia’s baby book about 75% of the way done. I need to finish that. I also have about 5000 photos in a drawer that need to be put in albums.
  2. Refinish my kitchen table. 7 years with a kid and it is done. The other option is to gut and remodel our kitchen. This is the lower-cost option.
  3. Deal with my cookbook/recipe cabinet (yep I said cabinet) – yielding a goal of cooking one new recipe a week for a year goal!

Finding a Balanced Life

I think so many of us in 2020 there was no balance. We were working from home, exercising from home, celebrating from home, learning from home, and never leaving home. I lost a track of time and space for part of 2020. I realized I need to find more balance in 2020. I worked what felt like all the time and none of the time. So here are my objectives: return to Meditation, work on time management and productivity, and delegation.

Personally, I wanted to work on Mediation and Mindfulness in 2020. As a business owner, I felt facedown in survival mode. The rules were changing every 5 min there was more unknown than I can handle. I am not someone that suffers from anxiety or overwhelm but 2020 gave me a taste of what it might feel like to have anxiety. I am going to get that back the where I was last year the start of 2020 or in an even better place.

I also want to return to traveling and that is the key for unplugging for me. We all want to return to travel I am sure.

Cheers to 2021 being all the things we realized we love in live in 2020!