Great Ways to Improve on Yourself in 2021

The pandemic has been raging around us for more than a year now, and for many, self-care has fallen off the radar. It’s hard to be motivated to take good care of yourself when you’re stuck inside all the time. Plus, the stress of living in such a tumultuous time is wearing on us all. 

Absolute Pilates knows how important it is to invest time in yourself. We want to help everyone come up with a plan for how to reclaim self-care and self-improvement despite the challenges. This article is designed to help inspire you to learn how to become the best you can be in 2021. 

Change Your Career 

If you’re content with your career, you’re a rare breed. Most people would change some aspect of their careers, whether it was income, responsibility, or level of freedom and flexibility. Take some time to evaluate how you feel about your work, and make a list of any major changes you’d like to see happen. Next, come up with a plan for how to make those changes a reality. 

For example, you might decide to ask for a raise or shoot for a promotion to take on a more active role in the company. You might realize you don’t love what you’re doing, and look into earning a degree in order to change careers. If you’re looking for a radical change, you might even decide to form an LLC and start your own business. Whatever the end goal, make this the year you start down the path toward achieving it. 

Reconnect with Movement 

Being stuck indoors all the time has a way of sapping your motivation to move. Plus, stay-at-home orders take away a lot of the incidental movement we did throughout the day pre-pandemic. It may not seem like a lot, but the walk from your door to your car, your car to the office, your desk to the breakroom – it all adds up. At home, the distances between destinations is naturally shorter, and your activity levels drop in kind. 

However, movement is a human need, and if you ignore that need for too long, you’ll start to suffer. Anxiety, muscle and joint pain, digestive issues and more can all crop up due to inactivity. Use an online class, such as the Absolute Pilates livestream classes, to get a great workout at home. You can also use walking, running, and biking to get some cardio outside in a safe way. Learn how to reconnect with your body’s need to move — and meet that need with joy. 

Learn to Live in the Moment 

The pandemic has marked a time defined, for many, by ongoing worry and stress. Although these are perfectly natural and reasonable reactions to COVID-19, they’re also hard on both your mind and body. Learning how to sit beside your stress and recognize it as just one facet of the present moment can be an extremely powerful tool for self-care and self-improvement. 

Here’s a great exercise to learn how to foster mindfulness. Start by learning how to notice when you’re feeling worried. Don’t seek to change it, simply note, “I am worried.” Once you’ve got the hang of catching worries, try to practice watching the intensity of your worry rise and fall. 

Practice observing it as if you were sitting beside, not within, your worry. The feeling will still be there — it may still grow intense — but this small act of mindfulness and separation can be a powerful coping tool. Over time, you’ll find you’re able to release negative emotions naturally, rather than fight to push them away. This can give you more emotional resilience and leave you better equipped to handle challenges your whole life long. 

Give yourself the gift of making this year better than the last. If we’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that we are more capable than we may have imagined. Take that strength and put it toward emerging from all of this better than ever before. You deserve it. 

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