Being Accountable in Unprecedented Time

I tried coming up with the perfect words for this statement to the Absolute Pilates community, but they aren’t coming, so I’ll say this:
One week ago, I sat with my family on Memorial Day sharing our grief and rage of the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19, unprecedented unemployment, educational divide on the lives of Black people. We shared our continued grief and rage about the murders of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor as the latest instances of systemic violence against Black lives. And as we were already fatigued from our community dying from a virus, from livelihoods crumbling from lost jobs, from lives being stolen, a new round of videos surfaced. The brazen murder of George Floyd by a policeman aided by other officers who stood by watching. The painful loss of Tony McDade, a Black trans man killed by police in Florida. In New York, a white woman who called the police on a Black man in a racist attack. And then the painful revelation that a Black man Jason Collins and an Indigenous woman Eishia Hudson were killed by police within 12 hours of each other in the Canadian city of Winnipeg just weeks earlier.
Black Lives Matter.
Social and economic injustice is real.
And so is systemic racism.
It might be painful and difficult, but in order for this country to heal, and for us to even consider moving forward, we must acknowledge inequality and racism, as well as the deep need for true structural change. 
Today in PA let’s vote people into office who not only acknowledge this change that’s needed but are willing to stand up and vote for the policies and legislation that will usher real change into law.
Justice and equality for black and brown people is long overdue, like 400 years overdue.
Part of the pledge as the leader of a B-Corp is to be the change. I will do my best to listen and help! #bthechange #vote #care #listen
Photo credit our Minneapolis based teacher Siobhan.