Fueling Up Pre and Post Pilates

I get asked what do I eat all the time. No one size fits all but here is my 2 cents.

Before Your Session

Snack Smart – If you are hungry – or will be by the time you arrive in the studio. Have a small snack. Some inspiration a small apple with almond butter, greek yogurt, a bar that is low in sugar and higher in protein. In true 30 something for I love some avocado or veggie toast. Toast with ricotta or light cream cheese topped with nuts and veggies. The cream cheese with nuts and dried fruit is favorite in my house.

Make sure you hydrate. 8oz at a min and a min of 30 min before. (cuts down on potty runs mid session)

After Your Session

If you are hydrated that lactic acid will leave your system faster and prevent some soreness. 16 to 20 in the hour after you workout. You do not need sports drinks if you want something fancy toss some fruit in your water. Try coconut water if you need to replace electrolytes.

Eat some protein there is evidence that you can recover from exercise better if you have a little protein with in an hour of working out. Some ideas greek yogurt, cheese, eggs, a bar that is low in sugar and higher in protein.