Fit over 50?

J.Lo showed us all yes. Yes you can be shockingly fit after 50. You might not have all of her resources. No matter if you liked her outfits or choreography, we can all agree she is fit and strong. She often is seen working with her hubby A-Rod, research shows that having a work out buddy helps. They hold you accountable, challenge you, and make the process fun and enjoyable. People are more likely to stick to a fitness routine when they start the process with someone.

She frequents a studio that specializes in Pilates, yoga, battle ropes, boxing, circuit training, kettlebells, barre, HIIT and TRX, all on the schedule. She likes to focus on botty, back and biceps (the 3b’s)followed by abs in her workouts.

We offer a large number of these classes at different Absolute Pilates locations. Not that we feel anyone needs to look like J.Lo but you want to a strong, healthy and happy version of you! We also teach most of our classes on request so remember if you have personal goals always make a request when you get to the studio.