FAQ’s about our @home studio

What you need

For Barre classes you need an object to balance with we suggest a substantial chair. Folding chairs are good because they have grips on the bottom but you need to be too tall for this to work. If you are taller a higher back char would be nice. The back of the sofa is also nice because it is very heavy so you will be able to move it as easily. You can mount a mall barre on your wall about 36 to 38 inches. We like this option. https://amzn.to/2xX1Ufv

For all classes you will need a mat, towel or blanket.Β  For many classes you will need weights. Weights can be hand weights you already owned. You can use cans about 1 lb, wine bottles about 2lbs, water bottles about 1lb. Other things you might see in classes thera bands, sliders (paper plates), magic circle, or small ball.

Try a 30 Min @home barre class

Booking Process

Checking The ScheduleΒ 



Depending on if you are a new client or long term client you will need to follow some or all of these steps to get started with live streaming classes from Absolute Pilates @home. The end goal is to get you a zoom meeting invite for each class you are attending. We are starting with booking your classes.

Wellness Living

You will need to let us know you want to attend the live stream class. To do this, you will want to book your class with us through your Wellness Living account using either your computer or the Absolute Pilates app on your phone. You will need to have an account on Wellness Living to book your classes in our @home location. If you do not have an account with us, you will need to set one up. If you have an account with us, you will sign up for classes with your username and password. Your username is the email address where you receive communications from us. Your password was set by you when you created the account or is triggered for you to set in the very first email you received from us. If you are unsure of your username or need us to reset your password, please email the studio. You will then need to book a live streaming class to get the zoom link. The live streaming classes are called LIVE STREAM followed by the name of the class. The classes are all held by the studio location called @home. You can filter for this location in this in Wellness Living online and in the app.

Absolute Pilates App

You can find details about the App on this webpage. The App is on Apple and Android.

Booking A Class

You will select the location @home and book class in Wellness Living (our scheduling software) If you do not have an account see above. Here is a video walkthrough of booking an @home class on the app. Here is a video to book in the desktop version of wellness living.Β 


Here is a video of how to use zoom.us. The platform is pretty user friendly. You can use Zoom on a phone, tablet, or computer. I think the largest screen you have is the best option. You can also project to your tv from an iphone or ipad if you have an apple tv, or with an android device to google home ect.


You can find our on – demand library here.Β 

Items you might want @home

300 Series Fitness Trampolines