“Everyone is the architect of his own happiness” – Joseph Pilates

Here is to 2018

Every so often we are reminded how special working together really is. In this journey called life, there are moments where we all stop to assess our future, how can we be better individuals, and how we can contribute more to our communities. Particularly around this time of year when people remember the importance of family and friends, we think about the structures that mold our happiness. Perhaps it’s a call from a loved one, helping a neighbor in need, or even taking a Pilates class with your favorite instructor that makes you feel happy. All of these things become the architecture of our happiness.

Joe Pilates said it best “Everyone is the architect of his own happiness”

I am hoping for a great year at Absolute Pilates. I see growing client successes and studios. I am looking forward to some fun continuing education. I am sure for the clients it will be filled with challenging classes, goals achieved and fun.

Lets all lift a glass to the next 365!