Week 6 Wrap Up

What day is it? Yeah, we don’t know either. This quarantine has us all discombobulated, sleeping at weird times, wondering if it’s the weekend, and if it is, what difference that even makes these days. Even those who have regular 9-5 jobs, finds themselves thinking the week both flies and crawls by. Personally, this quarantine gave me time to do things I am not qualified to do a. Teach Elementary School. Like all of it. b. Teach Elementary School, do random home repairs. c. Teach Elementary School, do more workouts than usual, and run around the neighborhood to escape the ever-closing walls of my house and my sanity. I’m opting for C. And honestly, I’m feeling better than I have years. If only I was eating as well I as I could be. More on that later! Why? I’m doing a lot of hip stability exercises. Mainly because I’m vain and I’m trying to keep my butt from dragging the floor. We are getting out in the future! But those hip stability exercises are also really helping with my running. And share this with all the people that just became runners this is a big part of preventing knee pain for runners. Balance sucks? Work your hips. Walking sucks? Work your hips. Drooping butt? Hips. Can’t hold a plank? Try working your hips. Kids driving you crazy? Do a hip exercise. We’re dedicating this week to one of our favorites. Also to Netflix. TRY THIS HIP EXERCISES Give them a try, then hop on over to Facebook or Instagram this week to let us know your favorite hip exercises (we’re also taking suggestions for healthy dinner options…). Tomorrow marks 6 weeks of being COVID-closed, but who’s counting? (we kind of are 😥) Announcing Barre Teacher Training  5/15 – 5/17 with Allison and Lauren. Email Allison to learn about the options to do a distance Apparatus Teacher Training Starting in May. Only 4 spots. Don’t forget about Pilates Day on Saturday! Please feel free to share the invite to our free class. Make good decisions! Allison and Your Absolute Pilates family 🧡 Let’s Get Started    

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