Different Items You Shouldn’t Sleep With

Different Items You Shouldn’t Sleep With

Sleeping is an essential part of our daily routines. Without rest, we’re unfit to do our jobs and perform our best during workouts or other hobbies. Only you know what helps you fall asleep, how much sleep you need, and how well you sleep—it’s important that you know what affects your sleep cycle for better or for worse as well.

Some objects that you keep near your bed can pose health risks or worsen the quality of your sleep. If you’re trying to fix poor sleeping habits, consider cutting out these different items you shouldn’t sleep with first.

Any Cellphone, Tablet, or Digital Reader

A common habit that people of all ages share is sleeping with or next to their phones. Even if you use your phone as an alarm clock, sleeping next to it will affect the quality of your sleep—especially if it’s not on silent.

Most cellphones and devices have bright screens with harmful blue light. Blue light hurts our vision and makes it harder to fall asleep the closer you use the device to bedtime. If you use your cellphone at night or in the dark, see if it has a night-mode setting or blue light filter. Don’t peek at a notification in the middle of the night unless it’s an emergency.

Place the cellphone somewhere that requires you to stand up and walk to reach it. Not only will this prevent you from grabbing it in the middle of the night, but it’ll also help you wake up when you hear your alarm. Flip the phone over so the screen can’t wake you up if it lights up and set it to silent. Treat any other digital device the same way, especially if it can distract you from resting.


It’s easy to forget that you’re still wearing jewelry when you climb into bed, especially pieces like earrings or rings. However, wearing accessories to bed can become a harmful mistake. Earrings can catch on your pillowcase or sheets and either hurt you or tear the bedding. Even your wedding and engagement rings can become a hazard to yourself and your partner while you sleep. If any jewelry falls off in bed, you may lose it, damage it, or hurt yourself.

Food and Wrappers

Are you guilty of midnight snacking? Food is one of the worst of the different items you shouldn’t sleep with, although you should avoid the late-night bite altogether. You’ll only create a seemingly endless supply of crumbs that sneak around your sheets and poke at you in the middle of the night. Wrappers are just as disruptive, especially if you own pets who can move around while you’re asleep and crinkle them.

Eat your light snack in the kitchen and give your body a few minutes to digest it. Laying down immediately after eating can lead to disruptive digestive issues.