Covid-19 one week in quarentine

We just wanted to send another note to check in on all of you and update you on life in the studio and all the things! We know the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments are on the top of the mind for everyone, but we would like to give you some positive news!
We are so excited to announce a lineup of 25 classes per week streaming live on Absolute Pilates @Home. We are curating a library of these classes plus any other recorded classes we have in a Vimeo library.
Our goal is simple: to keep thoughtful hearts, strong, flexible bodies, and core and to boost our immune systems.
Join us for our online Grand Opening Wednesday 3/25 all day! All classes are free with this $0 class pack. Please share the studio with your friends and family.
Simply sign in using your normal login to Wellness Living and join us as we celebrate our health and keep our sanity. VIRTUAL SCHEDULE is below. Have a question? Need a virtual hug? Ready to go nuts?  I want to ensure you’re not alone! Just hit REPLY. Your community at Absolute Pilates is here and standing by your side every step of the way.

When we open the doors to the studio in the coming weeks, we have the opportunity to be strong, mentally and physically IF we make the choice each and every day to stay active.  Seize the day and the workout! We hope you join with us on this journey as we take back what’s within our control.
Make good decisions!

Your Absolute Pilates family 🧡

Please Please join us! Spread the word! We would love to have you share this with all your friends and family. We have a Facebook event

How can you help us help you?

These classes will be streamed online via zoom. You can sign up on WL for them individually.  You will get an email link to the zoom call before class. Please sign up at least an hour before class registration will close an hour before class. These classes are included for all unlimited members (it does not matter if you have floor classes or apparatus classes). You can also use a class pack or drop in to sign up for zoom classes. 

Unlimited @home Classes (for those on Class Packs)

If you want to Upgrade to Unlimited Floor Classes for the next 2/4 weeks from a 10 pack of classes or drop-in classes, respond to this email or call/text Allison or Donna. You will be able to attend all Zoom classes and all the in-studio classes (if we are able to re-open our physical locations within that time frame). We wanted to give you a way to support the studio and still get your classes, even if if you can not physically be in the studio. You will also get access to a library of all the live stream classes and a variety of other videos from us. As you read this email, we are busy building this library. It will be coming out in a members-only email asap!

Changing to Remote Private Training 

We are going to offer options for in-studio private clients, clients on class packs or clients on monthly memberships to upgrade to Remote Private Training via Zoom. Respond to this email or call/text Allison or Donna for more information.

Nutrition Programs Coming Soon to Support our Clients

While we don’t know and fully understand why some are at greater risk than others for viruses, we do know that a healthy immune system is supported by an anti-inflammatory diet. In light of this, we’re going to spend the next few weeks sharing how we eat the best and most delicious food ever that supports our entire body and immune system. Now is THE time to care for yourself in the greatest way possible. Some anti-inflammatory advice that Allison does try to follow all the time.

  • Eat Real Food. Plain and Simple.
  • Limit Dairy (if you are sensitive avoid)
  • Avoid
    • Any refined or artificial sugars. Sub with maple syrup and honey
    • Any gluten contain products
    • Soy

More info to come this week!