Corona Times: 7 Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

With state officials threatening to bring back the stay at home orders or increased business closures, it stands to reason that many of us need to set up our own routines to keep us healthy and sane. A significant number of people have had to set up a home office to keep the work going; and this is a great way to keep yourself preoccupied as you generate income for your family. But for many people who are still waiting for the lockdown to end so they can get back to a normal routine, the effects of staying indoors every day can take a toll on your mental and physical health.  

In this article we will explore some simple solutions that anybody can use to stay active in the new normal, to gain more control over yourself, and perhaps lose a few unhealthy habits along the way.

How to Get Back Control Over Your Mind and Body

Some of the habits that we’ve formed during this lockdown can seem harmless for now, but if carried forward, they can cause significant damage to your health. Take note of all the little things you do every day, and how they could be impacting on your mental and physical health. Since you have all the time in the world, some self-analyzing should be interesting. To get you started, follow our simple guide for living healthy and happy during the coronavirus lockdown. 

#Enhance Your Physical Health

The following are easy-to-do tips that anybody can pick up to improve physical strength, energy, and to look your best while staying at home. 

1. Start Your Days with Lemon 

First thing in the morning, before you eat anything, heat a glass of water and squeeze some lemon juice in there. Drink this on an empty stomach to rehydrate more easily, but also to help your body get rid of toxins such as heavy metals, and to get a boost in Vitamin C. Lemon water has a few other benefits as well, including:

  • Improving digestion
  • Firing up metabolism
  • Clearing up your colon
  • Eliminating free radicals
  • Improving your immune system, and 
  • It’s great for heart health 

2. Start Following Our At-Home Workout Routines

If you’re not getting enough exercise it will be hard to maintain good blood circulation, and this could lead to problems with your lymph system, digestion, muscle weakness, and even joint pain. To help with this, start doing high-intensity workouts to sweat it out. Just 30 minutes of elevated heart rate will improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your lungs, and increase your blood oxygen, as well as essential hormones such as serotonin. A fitness class will introduce a new dynamic to your days, making it more likely that you have left-over energy to get some more work done around the house. Try Absolute Pilates @home.

3. Consume Freshly Cooked Meals 

Your family will be a lot safer eating fresh home-cooked meals. But without paying much attention to the pandemic, home-cooked meals have always been healthier for your mind and body, based on medical research. You have better chances of getting high-quality vitamins and minerals from fresh food than when you eat processed food or sodium than an order from a restaurant. And besides, a home meal allows you to share a moment with your family, which is far more special, and a decent custom to pass on to your younger ones.  

Our tips for home cooking:

  • Wash fruits and veggies thoroughly
  • Avoid salads for now if scared of the virus
  • Include a variety of food types to strengthen digestion
  • Eat less red meat (better for the environment)
  • Order your groceries online and avoid markets 

4. Eat Less of Carbs and More of Lentils &Legumes

A diet rich in dark greens and proteins will keep you feeling lighter on your feet and filled with energy. However, if you stuff yourself on carbs every day and fail to balance your diet properly, it can slow down your digestion and leave you feeling constipated. This would be less problematic if you could leave the house for a long run or to go play a team sport; however, with the lockdown in place, outdoor activities are limited, which is why our food choices should include proteins, fiber, and plenty of vitamins, to make it easier for the digestive system. Eat more lentils and legumes in place of white rice or pastries. 

#Watch Your Mental Health

It’s not just your diet that needs to be on-point this season; you must also take good care of your mental health to keep your mood elevated, and to maintain some optimism about your job, school, or life in general. Here are some ideas: 

  • Start Gardening: It may not be your first choice, but gardening has some amazing benefits for your mental health. The time you spend in nature will help to improve your blood flow, heighten your senses, and keep you more feeling balanced. Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing your work when it blooms. 
  • Find Good Books to Read: Join a book club online and interact with people with whom you share the same interests, or just any decent group that you find interesting. There is a wide range of topics that can bring people together, and you may discover a whole new world once you get into reading. 
  • Meditate Every Day: Meditation simply means finding time during the course of your day to be still and just experience the joy of being alive. Simple breathing exercises can help you get rid of the noise in your head so that you can find a new level of awareness; which will be of great value to your life. Discover your own preferred methods of meditation, and let it be something you do quite regularly. 


You may find that daily life has been altered quite severely these past few months; however, with a little practice, you can create and establish your own healthy routine that keeps the world turning for you, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Good luck!