Got Computer Slouch? There’s a Simple Fix That Feels Fantastic…

If a rounded upper spine or computer slouch is on your mind, you definitely want to read further.
A primary reason the upper spine slouches forward in the first place has a lot to do with arms—what’s done with them, and more importantly, what’s NOT.

When’s the last time you used your arms to hold the weight of your body or took your arms overhead?

Simplistic right? There are some subtle actions you can take that have a massive positive impact on your spine. Your spine doesn’t stand tall on its own; it’s the work of all of your back muscles.

Your hands attach to your arms, your arms attach to shoulders, your shoulders attach to your shoulder blades, and your shoulder blades attach to your spine.

Recap, your hands are connected to your thoracic spine!

Taking your arms out to the sides of your body and overhead creates a pull of muscle tension on your back that helps to keep your spine upright.

I could easily spend the entire day with my arms out in front of me on the computer, cooking, driving, on my phone, etc. This modern bad habit or requirement of arms-out-in-front-all-day habit keeps the weight of my arms on the front of my body, which helps gravity pull my spine forward and contributes to computer slouch.

Here is an exercise I do every single day to help counteract the computer slouch. Actually, I do this one multiple times throughout the day—at least 5 times! It’s one of my favorites and it feels SO good!

  1. Stand facing a wall.
  2. Lean into the wall like you are doing a wall push up. Feel those shoulder blades engage.
  3. Hip hinge.
  4. Let your head drop between your shoulders
  5. Keep your collar bone and should blades wide.