While the awareness is spreading at pace, Joseph Pilates will be surprised himself. There’s no shock that men and women are pondering beyond the mat and making Pilates as part of their daily life.

The benefits of Pilates are countless since it gives better posture, strengthen abdominal muscles, elevated flexibility and reduced stress. With a lineage like that, there are some people who would be more interested in starting Pilates.

So stop making excuses! Even if you are just sitting at your office, you can still do Pilates. Below are six examples of Pilates-based exercises that you can do while sitting which will immediately make you feel better.

  1. Core Breathing

The focus in practicing Pilates begins with your core. For you to have a vague idea of where yours is, you can start by forming a triangle using your hands and put your thumbs on your belly button. The section between your hands estimates your core.

For both sitting and standing, you can still obtain your best posture. You can start by inhaling and allow your torso to expand with air like a balloon. But avoid forcing your stomach to obtrude out. While exhaling, press the air out of your stomach and torso, focus on pulling your stomach in toward your spine.

Once you feel that you have pressed all the air out, hold your stomach towards your spine for another centimeter for further results.

  1. Tilted Chin

At times, performing the best yet simplest forms of exercise can be stress-relieving.

Sit or stand while leaving as much space as possible between your ears and shoulders. Next, you gently bob your chin down just before your chest as if you are attempting to hold an apple there. Through that position, you will begin to feel a stretch down your neck and spine.

Recap the chin tilt several times without bending the shoulders or upper back. The pressure relief from this basic move is direct.

  1. Shoulder Circles

You may sit still or stand high in an upright position, connecting your core. Next is to enclose your shoulders forward, up, down and back for five replications.

Invert the circles the other way for five more replications. The slower you move the more pressure you’ll discharge.

  1. Neck Reach

This move is similar to the chin tilt and at the same time, very effective which can even lead you to a promotion if you play your games right.

To do this, either you sit or stand then look straight ahead. Incline your right ear toward your right shoulder while remaining your left shoulder from crawling up.

Once you’ve extended your head as far to the right as you can, put your right hand just above your left ear then add a little bit of tension, as if you are towing your right ear even closer to that right shoulder. Let the tension dissolve out of that left shoulder then repeat this step for the other side.

  1. Bend Ankles

Another amazing move for acquiring an ongoing blood flow is by circulating your legs because even if you are working all day at your computer, you can still do some stretching.

While being on your chair, do a crisscross position with your legs by crossing one leg over the other at the knee. Aim your toes of the top leg as far from you as possible then bend the toes back. You should start feeling minor stretches in your shin and calf while doing this.

For best results, begin with ten repetitions then repeat on the other leg.

  1. Calf Stretches

One of the greatest things you can do during working days is to stand up and reward yourself with a good stretch break.

Next is to stand with your feet hip-width distance apart. If are able to do this while looking through a window or far from your computer then the better!

Set your feet in a parallel position, facing forward, and engaged with your core. Curve your knees out over your toes, and then unbend them back up.

Elevate up onto the balls of your feet and then gradually lower your heels down to the floor.

This allows your calf muscles to burn after twenty minutes of repetitions!