How Pilates Can Help Patients Recover From Chronic Pain

 Chronic pain is a complex issue. Our current models of pain tell us that chronic pain is a matrix that involves physical injury, the nervous system, psychological responses, and mental attitudes that all contribute to the perpetuation of pain. One of the key contributors to the development of chronic pain is kinesiophobia, or the fear of …

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Pilates and Heart Health

February is American Heart Health Month, so let’s talk about your ticker and how Pilates helps keep it healthy. Yes, we might feel our heart racing with love at the thought of Pilates class today! Doctors often tell you the key to heart disease prevention is aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming—activities that …

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Physical activity is medicine!

In  2018, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) convened a roundtable of experts to review the latest scientific evidence and offer recommendations about the benefits of exercise for prevention, treatment, recovery, and improved survival. The comprehensive review and recommendations were outlined in three academic papers published in October 2019 in two scientific journals.  In …

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What is an Exercise-Related Injury and how can you handle one?

With seniors and every other age group, more active than ever, it pays to be aware of the potential for injury. Although we aren’t all professional athletes, activities such as jogging, racquetball, weight lifting, and even power walking can still cause injury. Dare I say it Pilates and barre classes.  The feeling of accomplishment after …

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Pilates May Help Stroke Survivors

Pilates training may help stroke survivors to improve functional balance and quality of life, concluded authors of a small study published in the International Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences(2013; 2 [4], 204–11). This research was on stroke survivors have had a stroke within the preceding 3–6 months. Researchers from India, conducted the study to determine …

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