Savvy Sisters Event

The Studio by Absolute Pilates and Allison were super excited to make this happen on in the summer of 2018. We hosted 8 matches from the Savvy Sisters Group which is part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Allison got to chat with the girls about fitness over the lifespan her and her journey …

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National Ice Cream Day

Ice cream is one of my favorite foods, and we always have at least two different flavors in our freezer at any given time. Alivia is totally obsessed with Ice Cream. To celebrate National Ice Cream day we are going healthy.  There are limits Friday was Andy birthday so we went all in on the cake …

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Should we all stand?

Standing is the new smoking? With so many health and environmental issues that are flowing around everyday sometimes it’s difficult to choose which one will benefit us the most. We constantly hear how bad it is for us to sit for long periods of time – of course for me this is not a great problem …

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Get Healthy Without Boring Yourself to Tears

The association between many forms of “traditional” exercise and sheer, soul-crushing boredom, unfortunately, prevents many people from making sure they fit physical activity into their daily routine. Exercise can be strenuous, and it can be difficult. But there’s certainly no rule that says exercise has to, well, feel like exercise. A Barre class is one …

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