What is it about Habits that Makes us all CRAZY?

Like clockwork, the topic of “habits” comes around this time of the year. And the conversation always leads to time — specifically, “how long do I have to suffer until the thing I don’t want to do now, becomes something that happens automatically?”. Learn why it takes longer than 21 days to build a habit.  Well, …

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We’re Stronger Together

Whether you’re just starting to exercise for the first time, interested in building or maintain a solid fitness routine or even cross-training for your next Marathon, Pilates and barre provides the support you need to unleash your potential. Group fitness classes have individuals of all levels of experience who are interested in a variety of …

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I have your back!

Hey, Ladies, this challenge is about you being your best self and bring out the superhero in you. Your weight doesn’t matter to me. I got ask several times is this a weight loss challenge. No, this is a fitness challenge with yourself. How you look in a swimming suit doesn’t matter to me. Neither does what size jeans you …

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Why You Need to Train to Be a Wonder Woman

You want to yell at me you will never be Wonder Woman. Not all Wonder Woman look like Gal Gadot. They do all feel good in there skin and power through there day as a Mom, Busines Women, Friend, Teacher, Sister, Medical Professional, Daughter, and most important resident Super Hero. The average American flat-out loathes …

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Summer Goals 2018

   Are you satisfied with your current level of fitness? As in, you wouldn’t change a thing. #goals #crushedit #doneanddone   Your muscle tone Your flexibility and mobility Your pain and stiffness Your energy level  The person looking back at you in the mirror If you said “yes” then you can stop reading because this …

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Here’s to 2018

Today is the day…That day when every year many individuals make resolutions for changes to make in the coming year. What will it be this year? Will the focus be Family? Diet? Fitness? Better Health? Career? Whatever you choose, what are you willing to do to achieve your goals this year? Will you be able …

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