Best Aerobic Sports for Beginners

Best Aerobic Sports for Beginners

Incorporating any style of aerobic activity into your workout is important for heart health, weight management, building stamina, and much more.

Aerobic sports have one key function from which all its benefits stem: improved cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercise requires steady, metered oxygen intake and makes the heart and lungs work hard to keep up. A strengthened heart reduces the risk of the US’s leading cause of death—heart disease. These workouts also boost your immune system, build stamina, and improve mental health by bettering sleep and easing tension. The best aerobic sports for beginners are low impact for joints and accessible no matter the income or environment of the person looking to start their wellness journey.

Cardio-Incorporating Pilates

Pilates is normally considered an anaerobic exercise; however, you can easily modify this strength-building exercise method to incorporate cardiovascular elements as well. By mixing anaerobic and aerobic activities, you can achieve a whole-body result by the end of the class or session. Where Pilates alone trains you in breathing, control, and centering, aerobic styles of Pilates add in jumps or other heart-pumping movements to create a more intense workout that will challenge you—but your efforts will be seriously rewarded. You might consider a class called HEAT in the studio.


Cycling relieves stress while boosting your metabolism and improving the health of your heart and lungs. With so many models of bikes for all kinds of terrain or destinations—including stationary bikes in the gym—cycling is a physical activity open to beginners. It’s also never too late to learn if this is your first time riding.


Dodgeball is a seriously fun way to socialize with a team while improving your reaction time and becoming acclimated to sprints. Though just as exhausting as you might imagine, playing a game from childhood gets you running, jumping, dodging, and laughing without the mental tally of how many minutes you’ve put in and how much longer you’ll need to keep at it. With dodgeball, a game is a game, making it perfect for folks who have never loved the tedium of exercise. 


Rowing is a full-body workout that can be surprisingly demanding but comes without some of the injuries associated with untrained jogging or running. Still, rowing is a great beginner aerobic activity for those looking to work in the gym or on the water—it challenges you without the intensity of sports like tennis or skiing.

The aerobic activity you choose may not end up being the one you love, so it’s best to explore all types of physical activities and find the one that has you consistently returning with motivation to do more. The best aerobic activities for beginners certainly will not usher you out after you’ve gotten better, though each requires you to continue to challenge yourself to do more over time. Keep in mind that any exercise, any effort, is worth it. A healthier heart will do a lot for you, and even walking every day is a step in the right direction.