Are you present in your workout?

Something inside us all loves a workout.

But getting ourselves to the studio is only half the battle the other half is doing the work. Let me explain, it is not  about moving your body around the studio, it is about not robotically following cues from the instructor and allowing momentum to take over.

When you are focused in on your work out that takes you to the work that is more than putting on your best leggings and showing up in the studio. This is more than getting the exercise ring closed on your apple watch.

We mean the work of showing up in mind and body. Showing up for you, and you alone.

How do you make happen in this crazy world? We’ve rounded up our best ideas:

  1. Before you get in the studio, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Do you need time to yourself? Are your muscles are telling you  the must move? Do you want to connect with your fitfam? The reasons are endless—and they’re all perfect. Your reason is your own, and that is enough for us because it is an enough for you.
  2. Be mindful of  what your body is saying to you. When you feel your mind start to wander, try to bring awareness to parts of your body that are speaking to you. File that stray thought away to process later. Ask your mind what are those body parts saying “My glutes are on fire.” “My right side is tighter than my left.” “My breathing is not focused.” This all for you no judgment.
  3. Remember, you’re surrounded by your fitfam who also decided to show up. Keep the focus on the now in class, but share a smile (or maybe a grimace) with someone around the room. Recent studies have shown that exercising in groups can benefit you more than a going at it alone. Nothing makes you stick it out during the hard work then 10 people holding you accountable.

All this said, we’ll admit that sometimes we have those days where it’s—quite frankly—a miracle that we’ve even made it to putting on our leggings. We’re all human.

Sometimes you have to dig deeper! Challenge your mind as well as your bodies! Here is your challenge stay present from the moment we put on our studio tank to that last sweet phrase, “you made it”.

If we’re lucky, we’ll share a smile with you from across the room.