Anniversary News

Anniversaries have a way of making us look back—not just to reminisce, but also to reassess. What would we have changed? What did we get right? Would we do it all over again?

When we opened in 2008, Pilates existed on the mat in Central Pa. People called asking about “PIE lots” classes and people thought we had a torture chamber in our basement studio. Barre as a fitness category across the globe was just beginning to take hold in the industry.  But as we’ve evolved and continued to charter our own course, we’ve differentiated ourselves from the rest of the boutique fitness community. This February marks 10 years of studio owning for me. The other anniversary we are here to chat about is the opening of the Enola studio. It has been 3 years this month since we moved into the space on Millenium Way.  I have done a lot of reflecting in the last three months. Mirror Mirror on the wall…just kidding.

Expanding the Absolute Pilates brand was something that I did not originally intend on doing. I was presented with good business opportunities so I move forward. I never thought I would have 5 locations and 5 year old. This I did for about 6 months. This might be doable for some people but it really was taking its toll on me.

As we approach our 10-year anniversary as a company, we’re doing exactly that: looking back at our evolution over the past decade. Who were we in 2009, when the first studio in Allison’s house? Who are we now? What hurdles did we leap over along the way—and which ones did we trip over?

I started 2018 with the goal of being boring and that did not happen. Mid-year we found out that the Enola location would need a new location (a hurdle to leap over). So change started to brew around our house, emotional conversations, and number crunching.  People say it is business not personal, but when your first born is a business it is personal.

Sometimes you are presented the opportunity to simplify which felt in line with the goal of being boring.  I was able to sell the East shore studio to Donna who will do a great job making it the best venue for Pilates on the east side of the Susquehanna River I am sure! So now Absolute Pilates is down to four locations.

One of the things I am most proud of is that Absolute Pilates has continued to evolve, every step of the way. And while that means several things have changed, it also means that when we decide to keep something the same, it’s because we choose it, time and time again.

To be able to provide the best classes and private training options in a location that will support the business the Enola studio will be relocating. Keep your eye on social media all week as we share the future the Enola location and the Absolute Pilates brand. I can not wait to share now and celebrate with all the clients in February. I have special love for all the clients that have been with me since I used to teach in our front office and basement.