Our mission is to bring Pilates to the people. Our one of a kind, rockstar instructors guide you through an inspirational, motivational fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind, and heart. The experience is about you. It’s perfect. It’s fun.

We call it a passion. Our devotes say it’s changing their lives. With every rep, our minds clear and we connect with our true and best selves. Through this shared experience, our clients develop an unshakeable bond with one another. Friendships are made and relationships are built. In the studio, our clients share a one of a kind experience. We laugh, we cry, we grow — and we do it together, as a community.

Founder Allison Zang had a vision: To create an alternative to the gym and pretentious studio. She developed a space that’s as efficient as it is joyful — an experience that’s the best part of our clients’ day, every day, and that has transformed their relationship to exercise.

Anyone can be an athlete, a rockstar, a warrior… our clients come to us from all backgrounds, levels of fitness and experience. Absolute Pilates is for everyone and we mean it.

I could go on and on, but you won’t believe it unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Our community is calling your name, so come in for a class…. Take your journey. Change your body. Find your Passion.

Allison Zang

Owner & Instructor

Lauren Kutz

Instructor and Co-Owner The Studio by Ap

Donna Lucas

Pilates and Barre Instructor

Amanda Tekely

Pilates Instructor

Stef Key


Siobhan McGroarty

Barre Instructor

Leslie Jones

Pilates Instructor

Bridgid Wills

Pilates Instructor

Maria Vaughn

Barre Instructor

Yuting Hsu


Sierra Webb


Ryan Pines