Meet Jessi

How did you get into fitness?

Fitness was incorporated into my daily life throughout the years by my mother. When I was five I recall her exercising to Cindy Crawford in our living room. My brother and I were always encouraged to be active and eat balanced meals. Today my mom and I share a passion for health. We do walking lunges to the mailbox, impromptu squats in the kitchen, and attempt to sneak greens into Dad’s diet!

What is your favorite part of teaching?

Challenging the body and mind with Pilates are effective ways to improve both physical and mental stability. Seeing a client make a conscious effort to improve their overall well-being is exciting and inspirational. Serving as an educator, advocate and advisor in a client’s fitness journey is extremely rewarding!

What makes you and/or your work unique?

My Absolute Pilates classes are an experience; not just a workout. Exercise is guaranteed but positive energy, support and even relaxation are included! Innovative lesson plans and a deliberate pace ensure the exercises are doable for all levels of fitness.

What is your favorite other type of exercise?

I enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking.

What is your favorite indulgence?

Semi-sweet white wine and cereal!