4 Most Affordable Bike Models for All Riders

4 Most Affordable Bike Models for All Riders

If you’re looking for an affordable mode of transportation or a new addition to your exercise routine, you need to find a durable bicycle. Bike riding is a wonderful hobby that’s as practical as it is affordable if you know which models to look for. These are the four most affordable models of bikes for all riders.

Use the Norco Storm 4 To Explore the Wilderness

If you need a rugged bike that can withstand the punishing terrain of the wild, then look no further than the Norco Storm 4. It comes with 2.25” wide tires and either 27.5” or 29” wheels, which means it can handle rocks, mud, gravel, and anything else you can throw at it. The Norco Storm 4 boasts 21 gears, and though it’s an entry-level system, its power is well worth the money. Grab your cycling equipment and explore the great outdoors.

Quickly Commute Through the City With the Ride1UP 500 Series

For those looking for a high-quality e-bike that won’t break the bank, consider the 500 series of bikes from Ride1UP. This bike’s travel range is between 25-45 miles per charge, depending on a few factors, meaning you can ride around your city all day. Its 750-watt motor, along with its 625 watt-hour battery gives you a max speed of 28 mph with pedal assistance and 20 mph with the throttle. This motor is powerful but it’s surprisingly quiet, making every bike journey a peaceful one. The 500 series is worth every penny, and you won’t find an e-bike anywhere near its price with these features included.

Cruise Throughout Your Neighborhood on the Sixthreezero Around the Block Cruiser

Sometimes, a breezy ride on the beach is all you need from your bike of choice. In that respect, the Around the Block Cruiser is the best fit, with its simplistic design and numerous color combinations. The classic body of the Around the Block cruiser makes it perfect for comfy beachside rides, especially since its curvy handlebars and frame make it so easy to maintain an upright position. It comes in a basic single-speed format, but additional gears are available. This is an excellent choice for a stress-free cruiser that requires low maintenance and low upfront costs.

Your Child Will Love Learning How To Ride a Bike on a Strider

After mastering the skill of walking, your child needs to learn how to ride a bike. Although training wheels are standard, balance bikes are available, which don’t have pedals or training wheels. Instead, balance bikes teach your child how to stay balanced on two wheels so they master the fundamentals of riding before they get a bigger bike. The Strider offers the most bang for your buck.

Your riding experience determines which model of bike you choose. There are many different models, but if you’re looking for the most affordable bike models for all riders, you can’t go wrong with these four.