3 Months of Fall Challenges!

Kiss that pandemic panic goodbye!

Throughout the final three months of the year, we’re experimenting with a new and refreshing series of challenges that will allow you to explore your Pilates, barre, and exercise routine, try new classes, feel your best, and score some SWAG and passes to some awesome events!


Purchase one of our special discounted Challenge passes*:

Choose 1 Month for $100...

October, November, OR December

Unlimited floor classes for an entire month

2 Months for $175...

October through December

Unlimited floor classes for any
2 months

or all 3 Months for $250!

October through December

Unlimited floor classes for all
3 months

Upgrade to Apparatus Class for $200 a Month

**Pricing for clients who do not currently have an unlimited membership. Includes up to 1 class per day in person, unlimited @home classes, and access to our virtual library.**

**This is good for unlimited classes and virtual classes. It will be billed monthly for one, two, or three months based.**

**You can download the boards from this site but you must email allison@absolutepilates.com and confirm registration to be illegible for prizes.**

*Already on a Membership? Get in the game!

If you’re on a 5 or 8 Class per Month Membership, upgrade to the unlimited Challenge months by emailing Allison@absolutepilates.com

If you’re on an Unlimited Classes Membership, email Allison@absolutepilates.com for the challenges you want to participate in.

Track your progress with a Challenge Passport... A new card for each new month!

October Challenge

20 classes for 2020

Double class credit for taking a class or teacher you have not tried before.

– **You can double up on classes in a day, but due to COVID class capacity, we will be limiting clients to one in-person class per day. You may supplement your in-person class with as many live virtual classes from the virtual library as you would like.**

– Board will have 20 classes on it to check off, plus – send us your sweaty selfie!

November Challenge


– All instructors will teach a plank variation during every class in November. We will create some plank variation videos to post on social media for clients who are doing pre-recorded classes.

-Take a minimum of 5 Pilates Classes.

-Share 5 photos (or videos) of you Planking in any variations.

-Take 15 total classes (5 Pilates listed above + 10 additional) classes (pre-recorded class count, post a photo to our social media and tag us with what class you did).

December Challenge

12 days of Christmas

1- 12 different classes and/or teachers in December.
2- Bring a new friend to class.
3- Try a new class, teacher, or workout time (get out of your comfort zone) in person, online or virtual library class.
4- Try a Cardio Class (JumpBoard, HIIT, Cardio Barre, or Bounce).
5- Write a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp of any location.
6- Share your favorite healthy holiday treat.
7- Try a Yoga class.
8- Drink 64 oz of water a day for a week.
9- Share your best Teaser Tuesday from a fun spot.
10- Start a healthy habit to carry into 2021 and share with us.
11- Take a post-class sweaty selfie and tag us on FB or Insta.
12- Wear your favorite holiday-themed outfit to class.


Complete your October Challenge and score an invite to an exclusive VIP Round Robin Style class in studio and online (only for Challengers) followed by refreshments and socially distant socializing with your favorite AP teachers (Class and reception are tentatively planned for early November.)

Complete your November Planksgving Challenge and earn some rock hard abs… and more! Score some gear for your workouts @home or in studio.

Complete the December Challenge and earn exclusive access to a January event cooking class/date night experience. Lead by one our clients Joan Benso sharing one there other passions cooking. Hold Friday night Jan 8th at 5pm for this fun experience.