2014 Year in Review


Although we would love to have the opportunity to write each of you a personal holiday letter, due to time constraints and an onslaught of holiday parties, we must resort to the holiday form letter just a bit late.

Allison got to her first continuing education workshops since early 2012. One in October and the one in November ended the year on a bang! The three Zangs took there first international trip many more and maybe one soon without Miss Alivia. Alivia and I took a 12 day beach vacation, Andy and my Parents were along for some of the trip.

Mary and her husband spent a fantastic two weeks cycling Prince Edward Island and llse de la Madeleine – a bucket list vacation! She also spent a delightful birthday weekend in Florida with her mom visiting Busch Gardens and the Big Cat Sanctuary, and sharing our favorite foods. Mary is also very thankful for all for the love, care and understanding the staff and clients offered to her before and after her mom’s passing. Your help and support allowed her the time to be part of her journey right up to the very end. I am thankful every day for each one of you.

Kathy’s son graduated from high school. My second born. She went to NC to celebrated her sister’s 50th birthday and her great niece’s first birthday together She had an amazing Pilate’s lesson with her sister from a stott Pilates teacher in NC!

Keri started knitting again and finished a whole bunch of great projects including mittens, scarves, a sweater, hats and more! She is hosting a very special exchange student from Switzerland for the year. She hiked a lot of gorgeous trails this year and explored some phenomenal outdoor places but the highlight was taking her kids to California to visit Sequoia National Park and hike her very favorite place as a child. So cool to share with her kids a place I have held dear in my heart for decades!

Terri purged 75% of the personal items that have accumulated from childhood to present. It was an emotional experience, but her house is SOOO open and uncluttered now. She didn’t have time to take a week vacation this year, so she went on a couple long weekend trips to the Finger Lakes and Ocean City, MD and several day trips.

Courtney our newest teacher got certified to teach Barre and started at the studio!
She is going to be an aunt again next month, a baby boy, Carson! She Ran in the Hope Express, a relay team that runs the 131 miles from Hershey Medical Center to Penn State’s Dance Marathon in February (overnight!) to benefit children with cancer.

Beth completed her Pilates teacher certification which was quite an undertaking, but something I’m very proud of. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team that I’m a part of and I’ve had the chance to meet and get to know some amazing people. Every year I try my luck at gardening and every year I fail miserably! This past year I must have done something right and my family and I were actually able to enjoy many different homegrown fruits and vegetables. Hopefully 2015 will be another good year for gardening!
We didn’t take any amazing trips this year because things were a little hectic with my husbands schedule and my Pilates training, but we did manage to get a weeks vacation to the beach squeezed in at the end of July. We had a wonderful relaxing time and didn’t want to come home! We’ve already started getting things in order for our summer vacation this year and are planning to head out west.

Lauren became a Pilates instructor full time. She is planning a her wedding so she picked her bridal party for my wedding and hosted a sleepover. She celebrated her 25th birthday in NYC.