Lydia Scavage

    I was never the girl who loved to exercise. I didn’t like to work up a sweat, and while I always wanted to run 5ks and do cool races, I just didn’t have any interest. My mom’s Maid of Honor was a local dance instructor when I was young, so there was really no discussion on the matter. I was going to dance. I loved ballet. I loved the grace and the beauty of the dancers. As I got a little older, though, my social life was more important, so I stopped dancing. Secretly, I missed it.

    In August 2014, I was having brunch at Sophia’s at Walden with my mom when Absolute Pilates caught my eye across the street. I picked up a brochure and booked my first class online. I was hooked. I would come at least once a week to a reformer class, but I always found myself curious about barre classes. The moves were familiar to me, and struck a sentimental chord.

    About Me

    After graduating from Penn State (Go Lions!), I spent a few years working and decided to go back to school for my Master’s of Social Work from Temple University. I wanted to save the world. I moved to the Harrisburg area, and fell into my current job. I have been working here for over 5 years, and finally figured out my passion: to learn, be challenged, and teach others to be their best self.

    My Resume

    While I can’t say I have years of formal dance experience, I do have the passion of teaching others and working to be my best self. I am a certified trainer at my consulting firm, and love to teach! I have been doing Pilates for over 2 years, and engaged in barre for about a year and a half. I became certified to instruct barre classes in September 2016.

    My Teaching Philosophy

    “If you don’t fail often, you’re not trying hard enough.” These words have kept me coming back to Pilates and barre. I may not be able to perfect a move on the first try, but guess what? I am going to keep trying, and keep pushing myself! I work hard, I fail hard, and I keep going.

    My Rocks

    My parents, Bob and Frannie. Throughout my life, I always questioned myself and my capabilities. They have been my cheerleaders from the very beginning and their support never faltered. I would not be where I am in this life of mine without their guidance, love, gentle nudging and support.