The Absolute Pilates Scholarship Program is part of our Give Back Initiative and overall mission that Pilates is for Everyone. It serves our effort for an inclusive Pilates community that allow the teachings, practice, and benefits of Pilates to be accessible to for everyone across socioeconomic and demographic groups.

These scholarships are meant to encourage individuals who are passionate about delving into their practice, benefiting from moving better, feeling better, or simply turning around their lives in a positive way.

You need not be an expert Pilates or even have done Pilates before, the only thing needed is a passion to participate and a motivation to utilize the tools and techniques of Pilates to benefit your life. We look forward to finding candidates who are interested in being a part of the vibrant, growing community at Absolute Pilates!

2 AVAILABLE SCHOLARSHIPS for Unlimited Monthly Membership (3 months)

2 AVAILABLE SCHOLARSHIPS for 1 Private a Week (3 months)

The current scholarship grant period is 3 months, January 1st through March 31th.

The next application period will open up today and applications will be due on or before December 15.

Recipients will be announced via personal email by December 22, 2017.

Applicants who are not awarded a grant are welcome to apply again in the next period.

Please read all of the following information carefully before completing your application. Applying for a scholarship does not give you the membership unless the scholarship is granted.

Scholarships are not transferable for workshops or to other participants.

Scholarships will be revoked if grantees fail to maintain attendance as per the application commitments.


These are need-based grants. They are open to individuals that are interested in starting or deepening their existing Pilates practice, turning around their health, or delving into world of Pilates.

The intention of this scholarship is to offer a variety of Pilates services to individuals in the community who, for financial or life circumstance, would otherwise not have access to the offerings of the studio.

Candidates must display :

(a) deep interest in beginning a Pilates practice

(b) passion to develop their Pilates practice

(c) motivation to attend regular classes (at least 2x/week for unlimited)

(d) a reason they can grow from Pilates practice

(e) a desire to make a shift in their health & life

(f) a willingness to fulfill all scholarship commitments


All candidates must complete the full scholarship application as well as agree to attend at least two (2) classes per week for unlimited and 1 private a week (specified in the grant) for the duration of the grant period.

At the end of the scholarship, all grantees will submit a 500-word reflection on their experience at the studio and in sessions.

They will also have the opportunity to join on as a member at a discounted price for having entered under the scholarship program.