March MATness 2017: Let the Good Times Roll!

How did it all start 5 years ago?

Benjamin D – March MATness is a global celebration of the original Mat exercises and brilliant body conditioning system that is our beloved Contrology.

I’m endlessly fascinated with all of Joe’s Mat exercises. He stretches us to the very edges of our capabilities with infinite variations on a theme. My personal workout is 40 exercises. I just had to pull two classics and toss in a few from my Core Dynamics Roots. This can be rocked out in 30 min or less. I will post a video. Here they all are broken down one by one.

Let’s get the party started with the Hundred on Wednesday March 1, 2017.

The Order of the Universe

March MATness 2017: Let the Games Begin!

I’m a huge fan of Joe Pilates’ original order of the Mat exercises.

What a precious gift from Joe Pilates.

We’ve got an entire month (and beyond) to focus on his brilliant sequencing.
Thanks, Uncle Joe.