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We have online scheduling with Wellness Living for Private Pilates Appointments and all of our classes. If this is your first experience with Pilates we recommend booking a Private Pilates Appointment. We recommend starting with an Introductory Package of Privates. One sessions is not enough time full experience the power of Pilates. If you are looking for classes you would to see the class schedule and not book a Private Pilates Appointment.

If you did not set a password while doing your intake form in the studio please try the password recovery or first time login. If that process is not working for you email

If you can not find a session at the location or time you are in need of please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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What is a Private Pilates Appointment? So glad you asked! This is a the Pilates equivalent of personal training. It is you and an instructor work one on one with one another on the Pilates equipment. You can use this to do mat or barre work. We traditionally do these sessions on the equipment for our clients.

Can I come with someone? Yes that is a duet. Please bring your Mom, Daughter, or friend. You do not want to bring someone that is on a completely different fitness level than you(some variation is fine). The introductory offer and pricing is different. Yes you can completed all your introductory sessions with another client.

Do I need to start with Private Pilates Appointment? When you start Pilates you are investing in you and you want to have an understanding of the Pilates Equipment and solid understanding of the Pilates principles. This is great way to find out if Pilates is for you and get the most out of all future work you will be doing in the studio.